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Nature of Service:

Professional Organising, Decluttering and Interior Redesign is focused on the client’s agenda and is non-judgmental. It is about giving impartial advice or making suggestions that could ease your daily stresses and optimise the space(s) you live or work in. The process can create self-awareness and lead to dramatic life changes.

 Life Organise Marbella  is 100% committed to your personal fulfilment, development and success. 


Deposit & Payment:

Should you wish to team up with Life Organised Marbella, a 50% deposit upon booking to secure time in the diary is required. The balance of your session fees plus any additional charges (storage solutions etc) is due upon completion of each session. Cash or payment via bank transfer due within 7 days of the session.


Changes & Cancellations:

For B2C (business to consumer) clients only: Under the Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013, you have the right to cancel this contract within the 14 days “cooling off period” from signing these Terms and Conditions. No penalties will be enforced and any deposit paid will be refunded in full. If however any services (including the initial consultation) have been performed during this “cooling off period” time Life Organised Marbella will be entitled to charge for those elements accordingly.

All clients: Either party has the right to cancel a package session due to unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation should be provided in writing by email. If you need to cancel with less than 48 hours notice of the agreed date and start time, the full agreed fee* will be levied and payable. If you cancel between 48 hours and 7 days of the agreed date and start time, 50% of the agreed fee* will be levied and payable.. *We may waive all or part of these fees at our discretion if the appointment is re-scheduled within 1 month of such cancellation.


Health & Safety Considerations:

1. The client agrees to disclose in advance any information about themselves or their premises that could jeopardise the health or safety of any representative of Life Organised Marbella.  Life Organised Marbella reserves the right to suspend or cancel an assignment in the event a serious health & safety risk is discovered or develops during the assignment.

2. When required, our team will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect us from injury or infection during the project.

3. The client agrees to disclose in advance any additional persons due on the premises during an onsite session. To optimise sessions, it is advised that any pets and / or children are supervised in an adjacent room to the main project room(s).

4. For personal safety, the client’s name and address may be made available to a close friend or family member of any Life Organised Marbella representative whilst they are onsite at the client.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

1. Life Organised Marbella  adheres to data protection laws. Your details will be used to supply services, process payments and to inform you of any Life Organised Marbella services  that we believe may be of interest.


2. You may opt out of such marketing at any time. Client details will not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of the individual or business concerned. 


3. Any testimonial, comment or photographic examples used in Life Organised Marbella publicity is reproduced in accordance with the client’s preferences.


4. During the course of an assignment we may become privy to personal information about you, your household / work set-up, your finances etc. Life Organised Marbella adhere to the Professional Declutter and Organisers Code of Ethics and maintain the client’s confidentiality at all times (irrespective of who instructs or pays for the services)


5. If another party has engaged and or paid for Life Organised Marbella, we will not share information about the client’s progress or challenges with that party without the client’s explicit consent. Additionally, the client’s preferences, skills, habits etc will be our foremost priority to ensure they can use any recommended systems or organisational products effectively themselves. Please be aware this may not always align with the personal styles and methodologies of another party who has instructed or paid for the services.

Insurance & Limitations

1. Life Organised Marbella carries full Professional Indemnity Insurance 

2. We offer guidance and encouragement to help in the decluttering and organisational process but responsibility lies entirely with the client regarding which artefacts and possessions should remain and which can be disposed of.


3. Once any surplus items have been removed from the property they cannot be returned.


4. Life Organised Marbella  is not a valuer of art or antiques and cannot be held responsible for the client’s decisions made during the decluttering process. It is recommended the client engages a valuation expert for any applicable items prior to removal from your premises.


5. Our team will operate with utmost care and respect in your home or office. In the unlikely event there is any accidental damage, loss or destruction to property (including electronic files), the client indemnifies Life Organised Marbella  and will cover the cost of any damage or repairs through their own insurance providers.


6. Life Organised Marbella  will not be responsible for the cost of repairing any pre-existing damage discovered during our assignment.


7. We will make every effort to ensure items are placed in a ‘home’ that makes sense to the client. Our team is not responsible for remembering the location of the client’s belongings, especially months after the project completion.


8. The client is aware that the services provided by Life Organised Marbella are in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or therapy.


9. Life Organised Marbella cannot lift heavy furniture or items nor carry out DIY tasks. The client should make suitable arrangements if such work is required. Any services or trades, (whether recommended by Life Organised Marbella or otherwise), are the client’s responsibility. Contractual arrangements should be drawn up directly between the client and the service provider in question. Life Organised Marbella will not accept any responsibility for the additional trades’ performance nor any loss or damage incurred through their engagement.


10. In the event that a client requires ongoing and regular support beyond the initial expectations, Life Organised Marbella may, with full agreement of the client, bring in additional or alternative representatives to fulfil the project’s requirements and to support the client’s energy and motivation levels.

Personal Preferences:


Photographs: It is often motivating for clients to see their starting point on a project so,  before, during & after photographs are taken during the project. These can often be motivating to others too so please advise if you would be happy for Life Organised Marbella  to share your successful projects. Photographic evidence will always be anonymous with any identifying / sensitive aspects omitted or screened as appropriate

I do/do not agree to photographs being shared on Social Media or other platforms

I _______________________________________  agree to the terms stated above by Life Organised Marbella


Terms & Conditions 

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