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Please contact me to discuss arranging an evaluation and let me help you turn your CRAZY into Calm!

Consultation, Evaluation and tailored plan for

Organising & Decluttering :  

Our first session will consist of an evaluation in your home where we'll discuss your needs and requirements. I'll assess the area(s) that need attention and we'll find a workable solution tailored exactly to your lifestyle and your space. I understand that one size doesn't fit all when organising so every evaluation, time and plan is different. The end results are the same... to create a long term fix so that everything has its place making it easier for you to maintain your new organised standard, giving you back the freedom to enjoy other aspects of your life. 

I will send you a confirmed quotation within 3 days detailing everything that we have discussed and plan to do.  


3-hour session 

This is the minimum session length and works well for a short sharp burst of activity to tackle a small project or area. This 3 hour window allows us to get into the rhythm and process of decluttering. 

5-hour session  ( 9am-2pm /hours can be adapted ) 
A very popular timeframe for my clients as you can break the back of larger projects and really see notable results in one-day. 


Full home Session

Full home organising/decluttering typically takes 5-20 sessions depending on rooms and work required.  5 sessions - total 25 hours 

*Sessions are just a guideline and may take less or longer than stated. 

Home Staging

Our first session will consist of an evaluation in your home where we'll discuss your needs and requirements and what we aim to achieve. I will send a confirmed detailed quotation within 3 days

Prices vary depend on each individual property & timescale of project

Other/Additional details to consider
Any items (storage solutions, stationery etc) purchased on your behalf will be invoiced at the buying cost (with shop receipts) but these and your budget will be discussed in advance.

Tradespeople and materials; subject to your particular project, there could be recommendations for bespoke carpentry storage units, general DIY, painting and decorating etc. Wherever possible, I will recommend a tried and tested tradesperson for your job. All work carried out to be paid directly to tradespeople.
Please contact me for pricing
For all sessions a 50% deposit is required to secure time in the diary. 

Guide on how long a declutter, organise, refresh may take -  all plans are different & timescale will be confirmed at first evaluation.

Playroom, linen closet, bathroom vanity, main wardrobe:  3-8hrs

Large family kitchen & pantry 1-2 days

Home office: 1-2 days

Single Garage: 3-8hrs

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